WAM Properties

Working on this website was an interesting project. I got to experiment with the way the menu behaves on both the homepage and the inner pages. On the homepage the menu starts in an expanded state, so the whole menu is visible. As the user scrolls down the page the menu sticks to the top of the window, but collapses so it does not obscure the page’s contents. On the inner pages the menu remains static as the user scrolls, and also contains extra levels of sub-navigation.

The design is a responsive custom wordpress theme, with some extra functionality for managing property listings.

Technologies: wordpress, design, html, css, php, responsive

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Dynamic Ceramics Lansing

This project has been a lot of fun, and promises to keep going! Dynamic Ceramics is a paint your own pottery studio in Ithaca NY run by a friend who gave me complete free reign to do whatever I’d like for the website. This doesn’t happen often so I’ve been able to experiment a little bit with some fun features (like the ribbon background behind the headlines)

This site is a custom build WordPress theme that I’ve prepped it for being mobile responsive but haven’t completed that portion yet.

Technologies: wordpress, design, html, css, php

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Julie Wiebe PT

Update July 2015: Spring of this year Julie contacted me about giving her website a bit of a facelift, making it mobile friendly and easier for her website visitors to use. I think we managed to pull all three of these goals off with style!


This website is a custom WordPress theme with e-commerce integration for selling digital resources. As well as creating a design which helps portray the client professionally, this website project also involved creating a custom wordpress plugin which would allow her to choose which blog posts to feature on the homepage.

Technologies: Wordpress, E-Commerce, jQuery, SEO, Design

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Team Neumann

For this project this real estate team wanted a website that reflected both their team’s professionalism and personality. This team of ladies is very service motivated and needed their website to be easily updated on a frequent basis to add resources and useful information for their client.

Technologies: wordpress, responsive design

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Arlen Perkins Withey

The client’s website needs for this project was for a website that was easy to update with new works on a frequent basis. The homepage doubles as the gallery page using a javascript plugin that allows the images to stack on the page in a more natural order.

Technologies: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Design, PHP

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niagara regional mortgage services

Niagara Regional Mortgage Services

This client wanted a website that would help them improve their Search Engine Rankings and advertise their services in a clear and stylish manner. The solution we chose was a WordPress driven custom theme design with the ability to add links to news articles that are relevant to their area of expertise. This will allow them to keep their website updated by themselves on a regular basis.

Technologies: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Design, PHP

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Total Bookkeeping Solutions

This small business website is a clean and simple site to advertise this client’s new business. We went back to basics for this one, it’s a small site with no admin section.

Technologies: Mobile, Responsive, HTML, CSS, Design, PHP

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cleanslate pardons

This website was a novel project for me to work on. The client wanted to focus on making this website as quick as possible for her website visitors, and be usable for both desktop and mobile devices. The solution we decided to go with was a responsive design and making use of pop-up windows for the contents of the website, instead of separate pages. This makes the website super fast and user friendly.

Technologies: Wordpress, Responsive Design, jQuery

Mike L. Schoenhals, CPA; CGA

The client wanted an updated and clean design for his website redesign. The custom design is a WordPress custom theme applied to a simple one page website so he could update the page himself.

Technologies: Wordpress, CSS, Design

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The Carved Edge

The client, The Carved Edge, was looking for an online presence for their custom made carved wooden boxes. Other requirements for this project were they wanted to be able to sell their products easily online, and have the design work together with their corporate branding.

The finished product is a website that is easy to use for both the client and their website visitors.

Technologies: Wordpress, E-Commerce, jQuery, SEO, Design

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I am now available for project bookings starting October 2017. If you have a current website that would benefit from updating or maintenance, or your business has yet to go online and you would like to create your online presence I would love to hear from you.

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